The Association “Les Amis de Paul Ladmirault” was created in 1977 to commemorate the hundredth birthday of Paul Ladmirault’s birth (born in Nantes on the 8th of december 1877). With the instigation of the composer’s grandson, the family and the town council of Nantes were called upon in order to join together the necessary funds for the realization of events to celebrate this birthday. A series of five concerts was organised presenting a great part of the composer’s work. The family decided to yield all her royalties to the association.

In the following years many concerts were programmed and the public did not sulk them.
But it was necessary to go to the obviousness, the concerts were not enough to make known Paul Ladmirault and proved to be ruinous, it was decided to stop the concerts and to carry out a discography : 3 records and 2 tapes were produced.
In parallel, the material necessary to the edition of partitions was acquired as well as the authorizations requested from the publishers.
In accordance with the technological evolution, it was decided to launch into CD production with integrals

  • L’Intégrale des sonates (integral of sonatas)
  • L’Intégrale de l’oeuvre pour piano (integral of work for piano)
  • L’Intégrale des quatuors et trios (integral of quartets and trios)

These compact discs were by-produced with the company SKARBO which ensures their distribution.

The association Les Amis de Paul Ladmirault dispatches CDS on order (20 euros port included).

Finally our association publishes an annual bulletin devoted to a work of Paul LADMIRAULT (bulletin sent to members only – 15,24 €/year).

The association provides partitions for free (out of print at the publishers or unpublished) and open the musician’s archives to musicologists.

In 2001, with help from the association Médiagraph, an Internet site brings a new support to the discovery of the composer Paul Ladmirault.

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Les Amis de Paul Ladmirault
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44000 NANTES
Mobile : (international access code) + 33 + 6 71 62 80 61
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